Norrington, Roger

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Soprano: Nancy Argenta
Mezzo-Soprano: Catherine Robbin
Tenor: John Mark Ainsley
Bass: Alastair Miles

Choir: The Schütz Choir of London
Orchestra: London Classical Players
Conductor: Roger Norrington

Date: September 1991
Venue: St Augustine’s Church, Kilburn, London, UK

Label: Virgin Classics
Cat No.: 7243 5 61520 2 1
Released: 1998
The Norrington version is a wholly different matter. It uses an entirely new score by Duncan Druce, rejecting Siissmayer and other additional editorial accretions, and presenting a ‘partly re-composed’ Requiem, with alterations as early as the ‘Recordare’ and Sanctus. The result is fascinatingly controversial, yet undoubtedly successful once one adjusts to the changes. Norrington certainly believes in it, and his account is both vibrant and weighty, with at times unpredictable but never eccentric tempos. The soloists, too (including Nancy Argenta and John Mark Ainsley), are very good and so is the recording. As bonuses Norrington offers a serene Ave verum corpus and a plangently insistent version of the Maurerische Trauermusik.
— Gramophone [March 1999]