Weil, Bruno

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Soprano: Marina Ulewicz
Mezzo-Soprano: Barbara Hölzl
Tenor: Jörg Hering
Bass: Harry Van der Kamp

Choir: Tölzer Boys Choir
Orchestra: Tafelmusik
Conductor: Bruno Weil

Date: September 9-10, 1999
Venue: Parish Church, Bad Tölz, Germany

Label: Sony Classical Vivarte Series
Cat No.: SK 60764
Released: March 21, 2000
This recording presents a performance of H.C. Robbins Landon’s edition of Mozart’s Requiem, a product of modern scholarship, sound musicological argument, and learned intuition. It comprises Mozart’s original fragment along with completions by the familiar Süssmayr, as well as Mozart’s other students, Eybler and Freystädtler. The CD booklet gives details on who added what, and makes for interesting reading. But, the real concern here is the performance itself, and it is truly captivating. Bruno Weil’s quick tempos bring fresh air and sunlight into the mausoleum some have made of this work. There is a compelling urgency that carries over from one movement to the next. The “Rex tremendae” here sounds chilling, its defiant anger fully embodied by the Tölzer Boys Choir, which sings with all the range and beauty of a traditional choir but with more clarity and poignancy. The four soloists are beautifully devotional, though bass Harry van der Kamp has some slight intonation problems in the “Tuba mirum”. Tafelmusik’s vividly colorful playing clarifies the musical lines with naturalness and subtlety, while the recorded sound marvelously balances reverberation and clarity. An outstanding release.

Victor Carr, ClassicsToday.com